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tv   ABC 7 News at 630  ABC  July 19, 2015 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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anchor: we are following several big stories tonight including the extreme heat. find out if any relief is coming tomorrow. a police officer is forced to shoot. new information on the health of former president george h.w. bush. and a frightening scene all caught on camera. a shark attacking a server in the water. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] we begin with that heat advisory currently in effect throughout the evening. the heat just smacks you right in the face when you step outside. it feels like it is in the 100's.
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let's find out from our meteorologist. meteorologist: i wish i had better news for you. we had more high heat an extremely high temperatures. the potential is there into the overnight hours. these storms could move into an environment where they will start to weaken. heat index of 105 or above that is the actual air temperature combined with humidity. it felt like one of the hottest days of the year. it is the hottest day of the year so far. 98 is what we put in the books. it feels like 107 when you take into account the higher humidity. we will attract those storms west of here. they will be here about the midnight to 1:00 a.m. hour.
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extremely hot, potentially dangerously hot. the heat advisory could be there. we will finally break this heat wave. i will let you know in our complete forecast ahead. >> a grim reminder of the dangers of the heat. a prince george's county firefighter was raced to the emergency room. he was injured while battling a fire. some families braved the hot weather including baseball fans checking out the nats game. there were precautions to keep everybody cool. reporter: people who are outside today are taking a break from the heat when they can. a lot of people walking around with large bottles of water staying hydrated.
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we have been walking around talking to nats fans and visitors to the national mall. under the sweltering hot summer sun -- >> it is hot, it is really hot. reporter: tourists look for a place to cool down. >> it is extremely hot and muggy. reporter: an umbrella did the trick for some. others get their toes in the pool. quite he is hot, i am hot. we are sweating. >> the family waited on a cool treat. this is the beginning of a heat wave across the d.c. area. we could see the hottest temperatures of the year. that will not stop folks that traveled all the way here. that is one way to see d.c. what a day for a ballgame. >> i have not stopped sweating yet. reporter: he came prepared to
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the nationals game. >> i brought my little fan. reporter: fans were allowed to bring two bottles of water to the game as opposed to the usual one bottle. tourists at the national mall are hoping for a cool down. >> 70 degrees. that would be nice. reporter: nats fans could take a break to go inside of cooling centers where there was free ice water. horace: abc 7 will keep you ahead of any weather alerts. sign up to receive texts. we have an update for you on the health of former president george h.w. bush. he has been hospitalized and released from a hospital in maine after falling at his summer home in kenny bunk toward.
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the 91 numeral bush did not suffer any nerve damage. he is expected to make a full recovery in three or four months. >> ♪ let there be peace on earth ♪ horace: fire service members killed in chattanooga were remembered tonight. we are hearing from the parents of two of the victims and we are learning more about the shooter. reporter: a mother's raw emotions on display. she made the trip to chattanooga hoping that her son would make the trip out of the hospital, injured, but alive. >> he died doing what he loved. reporter: in the wake of a
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gunman's rampage that killed him and or marines including louisiana, arkansas, and florida, they have order the national guard to arm military personnel at recruiting areas. >> i will not allow our soldiers to be unable to defend themselves. reporter: they ordered under civilian clothes. >> the servicemen overseas tend to be the ones we worry about the most. reporter: the one who pulled the trigger, muhammad abdulazeez the 24-year-old's family said that he had mental problems including depression. he violated his faith buys smoking marijuana. so far, there is no evidence that he talked with terrorists. the families of the fallen,
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answers will not replace what was lost. she encourages other families to let their kids go into military service. horace: back here at home for the third time in a matter of days, a police officer was injured. it happened on kenilworth avenue. the officer was forced to open fire after a driver pin him between two vehicles. reporter: a bladensburg police officer has been treated and left the hospital. authorities have him at the parking lot at the 4100 block of kenilworth avenue about 12:30 this morning. michael was responding to a domestic assault. that resulted in a chase that ended about a mile away.
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prince george's county police officers later found him at another location. it is unclear how many shots were fired or if the man was hit by a bullet. police say the man that hit him was also taken to the hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. the officer is now on routine administrative leave. he has been with the department for two years. the prince george's county police department is handling the investigation. horace: a man injured in a motorcycle crash in gaithersburg has died due to his injuries. the firm -- 35-year-old motorcyclists hit an suv trying to make a turn. the motorcyclist died at the the suv driver any passengers inside were not hurt. hogan is scheduled to undergo
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his second round of chemotherapy. he will be in the hospital for an around-the-clock treatment series. a vigil was held at a church in bel air. the search -- someone is lucky to escape harm after a shark attack was caught on camera. how he was lucky to escape the of -- experience. donald trump
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horace: we are back with video you just have to see. surfer nick fanning barely escaping a shark australia. a water safety team told him to safety. he was still shaken as he described the incident later. >>
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i was just sitting there. i was about to start moving. i felt like something uck in my leg. i instantly just jumped. it just kept coming at my board. i was kicking and screaming. horace: unbelievable. fanning was not hurt, but the shark did damage surfboard. the remainder of the competition was canceled. donald trump did not back down on not calling john mccain a war hero. >> do you go john mccain an apology? >> theork hard and were not captured are given no credit. they are forgotten. horace: he said that he will say what he wants to. mccain was caught in vietnam and was tortured for years.
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people attack his personal appearance and nobody defends him. effort to restore full diplomatic relations between the u.s. and cuba. cuba will officially reopen its embassy. the u.s. has not announced an official date to officially reopen its embassy. devon is tracking the heat advisory in our area.
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horace: there is no escaping it. devon: even here. the minute you step out. the air temperature is always taken in the shade. the heat advisory is until 8:00. 107 still.
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horace: that means it got close to 110. devon: at 110, that is excessive heat warning criteria. their criteria is a little bit lower in philadelphia. you can see the heat advisories extend all the way to the east of the blue ridge. another one could be put up for monday. equally hot. we will have some cloud cover on monday. the actual air temperature combined with humidity. the humidity is the invisible water that is lot up in the air that makes it feel humid. the way you can cool down is a lot lower when there is more humidity in the air. we are moving to some of the higher elevations. anytime you have extremely high heat and humidity there are some
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storms coming along with it. those will come in at about 1:00 a.m. real-time temperatures, 95. it feels more like 107. that is the combination of heat and humidity. the next two days, still extremely hot and humid. there could be isolated storms. the next front on tuesday am a that front could spark more showers and storms. wednesday will be enjoyable. possible storms from midnight until 1:00 a.m. very warm and humid overnight. 80 degre temperature. overnight temperatures after a day of extreme heat, you need to drop below 80 degrees. if you do not have air conditioning, try to find a cool place.
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97 with a heat index it could be 108 again. those who work outdoors, think of frequent breaks. make sure you are wearing light fitting, breathable clothing. this is tuesday. still very hot and humid. third consecutive day with a heat advisory. it is normal, but maybe not likely. we have been having fun this weekend. maybe for those that work outdoors or own a business, you might think about making adjustments to your day. >> he is a smart guy. horace: let's talk about the
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nationals. this was a big series against the dodgers. >> it was. the nats dropped two out of three to the dodgers. it is highlights of the british open.
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sports reporter: we will start with a little baseball. we will start with the nats and the dodgers. it was star wars day at the park. calvin coolidge dressed as luke skywalker. of course, there was a light saber fight. now for some baseball. max scherzer throws a wild pitch. andre ethier slides in safely
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at home. the dodgers get some insurance. justin turner would score. the dodgers score four in the ninth and go on to win. >> it is granted. they are a great team. they do a lot of great things. they are a tough line up to face because they can hit every pitch you throw. there were a couple times where i got the pitch down in the zone and they were still able to get the bats to the ball and get it into the outfield. robert: let's talk o's and tigers. adam jones puts one down the left-field line. that is number 15 on the season. an explosion on offense for the o's. jonathan schoop hits one to almost the same spot. the o's just tag justin
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verlander for seven runs. round three of the british open. the surprises keep coming. we will start with jordan spieth. he is alive and his questec for his third major. lands withing four feet of the cup. he is in second place at the moment. the story of the day, paul dunne and amateur from ireland. he has a share of the lead. dunne is the first amateur to be atop the leader board at the british open since 1954. >> after i played the practice round, i had a few people come home with me. i think i made a lot of people home some money. hopefully, i can steal from the
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bookmakers a little more tomorrow. i just felt comfortable all week. i played well. robert: give him money. some nascar for you. todd bush makes a great move. he takes the lead. fancy. final lap, he takes the checkeredlag. he has won three of the last four races. he will also take home a 28 pound lobster. that comes with the win. a final note, the washington mystics played against the connecticut sons. echoes in the pot and it is all good right? horace: i do not know.
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horace: perfect timing with a heat today. it is national ice cream day. cold stone and baskin-robbins are offering deals today. go get a scoop. robert: i have got to make a run. devon: frozen yogurt, to they count that as well? any way to stay cool on this day. a heat advisory until 8:00. the heat index is still 107. 97 on monday would be another heat advisory day. horace:tt2watd"@rd bt@q5il tt2watd"@rd
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